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In today’s post, I will tell you about the Fat Duck Tech.

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you about the fat duck tech website which gained enormous response from the netizens online. It has been gaining popularity and has recently been spotted on Google trends.

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Fat Duck Tech History

fat duck tech Alex Kidman

Fat Duck tech was earlier run by a popular Australian tech Journalist Alex Kidman. Kidman has won many awards and has gathered a magnificent experience of more than 16 years.

He used to manage Australian Personal Computer magazine’s website in 1998 when magazines typically did not have any websites. Yes, Alex started writing back then. Then he started editing the First Take of APC  for a few years before working as a freelancer and then joining ZDNet Australia. 

Alex continued the work efficiently and successfully ran the review channel for many years to come in ZDNet Australia after which he became the Launch Editor of CNET Australia. It was a humongous feat for Alex for he had achieved great admiration and built a robust reputation. 

After that he started working as a Freelancer and workled for PC User, GadgetGuy, CNET, NetGuide, PC World, PC Authority, Talk, BIT, Macworld Australia, APC, CHOICE, Geare, ZDNet, MacTheMag, and other publications.

For some time (almost a year), Alex worked at The Gizmodo Australia as an editor and then again started working as a freelancer. It was a tough decision for him but he went where his passion called him. Today he still does Freelancing as is living a healthy life in Australia. 

Fat Duck Tech

Currently Alex has stopped writing on the Fat Duck Tech website because someone else has renewed the domain but it hasn’t stopped Alex from continuing his passion of writing, which he does at Today we can find the publications and print editions of Alex in Voyeur of Virgin Australia, Foxtel, Techligfe magazines, APC and online at the ABC’s Technology+Games, Geekspeak, The Drum, and Allure media’s tech websites, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku.

Fat Duck Tech is currently not associated with any other company and is an independent institution. Although Journalism doesn’t pay high still Alex keeps the site running by putting ads for the websites through digital marketing. Alex also says that he is open for any sponsorships that may come up to him and he’ll be completely open and transparent about it. 

As Alex writes for different websites and as a freelancer the work and information he gathers through his desk is put out on this website. The topics generally include tech, social issues, education, professional wrestling and retro gaming. The information provided on the website is very clear and not ambiguous. 

He also links other articles that he comes through, references to his articles or other articles that he has written elsewhere. Alex has won many awards for his contribution in the journalism field and has been lucky to collaborate with the other top level journalists of Australia. 

Fat Duck Tech Content

Alex has written many short stories on his blog along with some personal stories about different issues, aspects of society and varied experiences of life.

You can also buy some great books through the links provided on his blog for Amazon Kindle, iPad, iOs, and through smashwords.

You can also read weekly stories from here which are presented in the form of short stories. 

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A section of Alex’s blog showcases his great achievements and his career timeline.

Some of the achievements bagged by Alex Kidman are-

AITS IT Writers Awards Best Web Site ( finalist, Best Gaming Journalist: Sun Microsystems IT Journalist Awards finalist.

Best Technology Media Website ( Sun Microsystems IT Journalist Awards winner, Best Technology Website ( Sun Microsystems IT Journalist Awards winner, Best Business Technology Title ( Sun Microsystems IT Journalist Awards winner

Best Columnist and Best Consumer Technology Journalist, IT Journalist Awards finalist, Best Consumer Technology Journalist winner

You can contact Alex through his email id: Email:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Fat Duck Tech movie

According to Saamarketing Fat Duck Tech is a robot that is able to make fat ducks. And this could be exactly what happens in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, the robot could have been inspired from that movie. 

That means a robotic duck could be made that clears rice paddies. It can walk like an animal like a household robot that is 20 inch wide and 1.5 kg in weight.  A similar version is already working in Japan in which the program enables the duck robot to walk on the field by analyzing its route and then clear the paddies from Japan’s rice terraces. The robot is controlled with the help of commands.

Fat Duck Tech restaurant

The Fat Duck is a restaurant in Bray, Maidenhead, United Kingdom. It is a popular restaurant with a rating of 4.7 on Google Maps.  A person can only reserve their table online by buying a ticket through their website. There’s no other way for a reservation. The cancellations or any other notices will be provided through the social media handle of the restaurant so a person will have to regularly check that. After you have bought the ticket online a confirmation mail will be sent to you with all the reservation details like time, date, duration, number of reservation etc. 

You can contact the restaurant team using the contact page on their website or you’ll receive contact details after your order is confirmed.

Fat Duck Tech facebook

Fat Duck Tech facebook page is the official social media handle for the website Fat Duck Tech managed by Alex Kidman. It is run by the award winning journalist Alex Kidman who has contributed a lot in the Australian Journalism industry.


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