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How to get a Tea time franchise |How to Start a Tea time Franchise

Indians, like the rest of the world, have a serious problem with their tea habit. To put it another way, behind water, tea is the most popular beverage choice. In fact, some people need tea just to help them digest their food. India is the largest consumer of tea time franchise and the second largest producer of tea in the world.

In light of tea’s widespread appeal, the Indian government is actively encouraging the establishment of tea shops. Read this post thoroughly to learn about franchising opportunities with Tea Time if you, too, are interested in opening a tea shop.

When and where can I get a Tea Time franchise?

You likely already know what franchise is, but just in case: many businesses, both big and small, desire to grow by expanding their reach into other areas, but they simply cannot do so on their own. This allows her to have a storefront for her goods or services established, and it also grants the store the right to act on her behalf in sales transactions.

Franchise refers to this type of business model. A new Tea Time location will serve to expand the chain’s reach and make the company’s goods more easily accessible to consumers. Franchise Opportunity in India’s Premier Tea Shop (tea time franchise)

Franchise owner Uday Srinivas opened his first Tea Time in 2017, serving Indian tea and coffee. Tea Time Franchise’s main office is in Hyderabad. After quickly establishing itself, this company in 2018 launched a franchise distribution program.

More than a thousand Tea Time stores have now opened across India. In addition to a wide selection of teas, Tea Time also sells chaat, samosas, Indian fast food, rolls, bakery items, ice cream, coffee, and juices.
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Tea Time Franchise Cost (Investment in Tea Time Franchise)

Friends! Everyone wants to start their own business. But overall it comes down to investment because it is necessary to have a good budget to start any business. In such a situation, if you also want to know that How to get Tea Time Franchise in Hindi, then you may need to invest minimum 2 lakh to 5 lakh rupees for this. In Tea Time Franchise Investment, you will also have to pay Rs 4 lakh as franchise fee.

There are a lot of variables that affect how much a tea franchise will cost. Less money will be required to launch a franchise if the location is rented rather than purchased. In addition, we ask that you retain a minimum of two and a maximum of four personnel so that we may better serve our consumers.

In addition to this, essential amenities like air conditioning, a CCTV system, computers, and internet access must be provided to ensure a pleasant experience for the clientele. The price of these additions can be factored into the total for a tea time franchise.

Delivery service is required as well in the Tea Time Franchise. You’ll also be responsible for making sure the truck arrives on time to deliver each order to the consumer. In this case, the cost of the car and gas would also be considered a part of the Tea Time Franchise Expense.

tea time franchise

How to get space for tea time franchise

You should have a good handle on the financial commitment required to open a tea time business. However, we will advise you that effective management of a location following investment is essential to the success of any firm.

It’s safe to assume that you won’t have to put in much effort into promoting your Tea Time franchise if you pick a busy location, such a spot right by a major thoroughfare. In particular, if you want to start a tea time franchise, you should look for a location near a place of business, such as a school or university.

The ideal location for a Tea Time Franchise is between 100 and 150 square feet. The company has been tasked with creating distinct spaces for the kitchen and living room.

If you’re going to provide seating for your customers, it makes sense to also supply parking. You’ll additionally need to set apart front-facing real estate to accommodate parking.

In order to qualify for a Tea Time franchise, you must: – There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to operate a Tea Time Franchise.

  • A kitchen needs to be built in, and there must also be enough for cars to park.
  • Required paperwork includes:- To apply for a Tea Time franchise, you’ll need to fill up some paperwork.
  • Need for Staff? – Within the Tea Time franchise, you can retain Staff as necessary. Hindi business suggestions
  • Requirements for Financial Resources: – No business can be started without financial resources, and Tea Time Franchise is no exception.

Documents required for tea time franchise

To take a tea time franchise, the applicant has to follow some mandatory conditions given by the company. Under these conditions, the applicant also has to submit some personal and property related documents. Following are the essential documents sought by the company:

Personal Documents

ID Proof: Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID Card

Address proof: Ration card, electricity bill

Other Documents

Passport size photo, email ID, phone number, documents related to educational qualification

property papers

Lease agreement, All type NOC, Business Address Proof, Shop Address Proof, GST registration certificate. Business Tan Copy, Business Pan Copy.

How to Apply Online for Tea Time Franchise

Any prospective Tea Time franchisee can submit an application to the corporation through an online portal. It’s easy to apply for a Tea Time franchise online, provided the prospective franchisee follows a few basic steps.


  • The first step in applying for a Tea Time franchise online is to visit the company’s main website.
  • When you go to the main page, look for the “Contact Us” link.
  • The application form, requiring submission of applicant information, will thereafter appear.
  • After entering the applicant’s details (name, address, email ID, phone number, etc.), please hit the “Submit” button to send in your application.

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Tea Time Franchise Profit Margin (Profit in Tea Time Franchise)

  • The success of a Tea Time franchise can be measured in part by the brand’s name recognition and customer loyalty. And yet, if we focus on the tea time franchise’s profit margin, we find that it lies anywhere from 40% to 80%. According to Tea Time Company, it will take the investor no more than five to ten months to recoup his initial investment.

    Why Buying a Franchise Is a Good Idea Before investing in a franchise outlet, it is essential to do some preliminary research on the company in question, either by visiting their official website or by getting in touch with them directly. has the ability to comprehend Here is some data on the advantages of buying a franchise: –

  • When you buy a franchise, you get the tried-and-true goods of a well-known business.
  • In it, you’ll find an Investment Plan that fits comfortably into your financial plan.
  • The success of your firm will be aided no matter which franchise you choose.
  • The business will be there to help you through every step of the process, so there is no danger involved.
  • Self-starting a business requires more time and energy than buying into an established franchise.
  • The corporation is able to pay for its marketing and advertising efforts this way.
  • Collaboration is the lifeblood of any business. Dedicated individuals who have received adequate training play a pivotal part in any successful enterprise.

Each and every item sold at Tea Time Cafe is priced affordably. Pricing for Tea Time goods ranges from 10 (Dum Chai) to 99. (Premium Milk Shake). In addition, the corporation must fork up about 35% of all Tea Time franchise sales as compensation. The franchisee partner has exclusive rights to the remaining 35%.

tea time franchise

Tea Time Franchise Benefits (Benefits of taking Tea Time Franchise)

People still have doubts regarding the advantages of buying a franchise, regardless of the industry. In this regard, Tea Time is India’s most popular franchise opportunity. Given the brand’s widespread recognition, advertising the franchisee is unnecessary.

But the firm is also instrumental in the franchisee arrangement. The company’s representatives will assist you in selecting a suitable site for the franchise.

We do. Franchisees of the tea time receive assistance with the purchase of a refrigerator, deep freezer, high pressure stove, induction cooktop, initial stock, and other kitchen equipment from the parent firm.

The Tea Time Franchise company itself invests in marketing. That is, there is no need to part with your own cash. The organization takes care of everything from the electrical outlets to the lollypop board.

Menu cards, picture frames, foam core boards, eco solvent vinyl, and other branded interior products are all available with the company’s help. In addition, the business provides the chef with three days of training on the Tea Time Franchise Menu to ensure the proper running of the franchise.

In addition, we provide full back-up for things like relationship manager help, business management software, and online tie-up support (including delivery, operation, and training).

Tea Time Franchise Terms & Conditions

Tea Time franchisees must follow by the company’s mandatory policies. One must be at least 24 years old to become a Tea Time Franchisee.
Except for this, a high school diploma or equivalent is not required to own a tea time franchise, and neither is expertise in business.

The parent company has set a maximum period of five years for the Tea Time Franchise Agreement. Even after the first period of the contract expires, you can still request an extension.

A Tea Time franchise should expect their initial investment to be fully recouped within a year. In addition, transportation is crucial to the success of a tea shop.
Tea Time Dealership Contact Process (Contact formula for Tea Time Franchisee)

You can apply for a Tea Time franchise either online or by emailing or calling the firm. Furthermore, if you want, you may also arrange a meeting by visiting the main office of Direct Tea Time.

  • Tea Time Franchise Customer Care Number: +91 96856 67676, +91 95776 62211.
  • Tea Time Franchise Email ID: [email protected]

Tea Time Franchise Head Office Address:

Desi Tea Time Pvt. Ltd.

A1, G Block, Amrutha Enclave,

Road No. 14, Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad- 500 034,

Telangana, India.


Friends, we hope that today’s post has been helpful in giving you the background you need to make an informed decision about investing in a Tea Time Franchise. We are confident that no other online source can provide more accurate details. Please share Tea Time Franchise| if you enjoyed this content. Please spread the word about How To Get Tea Time Franchise In Hindi among your social networks if you found it helpful.

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