New business ideas in Kerala with low investment

If you want to know New business ideas in Kerala with low investment then you have come to the right place. Today I’ll tell you some of the best business ideas to start with that will boom this year. 

As India is becoming stronger and more advanced than before, new businesses and startups are sprouting in every nook and corner of the country. These are essential for the desired growth of our economy. 

Moreover, if you notice, there’s been a rapid rise in the number of startups and coming of new entrepreneurs in the last few years from the southern part of India. I am not saying that others are left behind, but the increase in the number of producing abled entrepreneurs has been majorly due to good investment in infrastructure and opportunities provided to the people in the South especially Karnataka and Kerala. 

These regions also contain the maximum number of most reputed business schools in the country that produce excellent businessmen every year. No doubt states like Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana are coming to top the list for the best ideal spots for creating business in the country.

Also these places offer a lot of tourist destinations also, that help create business opportunities in that field too. 

So let’s dive into our posts and know the best business to start in Kerala with low investment.

New business ideas in Kerala with low investment

Side business in Kerala

Some great side business ideas are-

1. Hotel

Starting a hotel in Kerala is one of the best business ideas because there are a lot of tourist destinations in Kerala and this state has a lot of historical significance. So it provides a lot of opportunities to start business in the tourism area.

A person coming to Kerala would want a simple nice beautiful hotel that is budget friendly, near to a tourist destination and connected to bus and railway. Therefore you can start a minimalist themed hotel chain in Kerala starting with one and then expanding your business. 

2. Clothing

New business ideas in Kerala with low investment

Kerala has one of the best weathers of the country. It is situated in southern India but still has a mild climate. Nonetheless people coming for tourism from the North still feel hot and sweaty in the warmer climate of Kerala. Plus the people have adopted a western clothing culture that is not suitable to wear in the hot weather. A solution to this problem is that a clothing business could be set up that provides people with open baggy clothes but still look modern. And it could be produced in different varieties like women clothing, men clothing, corporate, children, etc. Also you could provide beachwear for the tourists too.

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3. Mineral water package

As Kerala is home to many rivers, a water packaging business could be set up along the river by taking permission from the government. This business is very profitable as investment is very low, although the final price is also low but much profit could be obtained by selling in huge quantities.

4. Coconut water business

Coconut water is not a problem for the locals as there’s a coconut in every house but it is expensive for the tourist considering it is a coconut abound state. Therefore people expect lower prices. If set up in a proper way, this business could prove beneficial if you create a monopoly on your prices.

5. Farming

Well it may sound absurd for creating a business by going into farming, but Kerala has got one of the most fertile land of the country primarily because of the river deposits on this land from its rivers, plus rivers are a great source of irrigation. 

Kerala is already exporting huge quantities of rubber, cashew and spices, you can try to create a business in growing cash crops. You can also try creating vertical farms or rooftop farms. 

Best business ideas in Kerala

1 . Hand-crafted goods

Hand crafted goods are the backbone of Kerala, they are a lot popular among tourists. You can start handicraft goods on a large scale and export them to other states by giving a branding. 

2. No checkout store

People in Kerala are literate, that’s a known fact. They know how to use mobile, how to do online payments, plus they are virtuous and honest. Keeping all these qualities in mind, you could set up a no checkout grocery store like the Amazon Go Store in the US. Through virtual carts, computer vision, sensors, a person would be charged and emailed the receipt automatically when he leaves the store, so there’s no standing in the long queues.

3. Microbrewery

Microbrewery is a growing thing in Kerala. People like rum and liquor and the liquor sales in India are more than any other country in the world, with the growing scope in this space, you could start a microbrewery business and expand it quickly.

4. Photography

Photography is a lucrative business. In the recent years there’s been a lot of growth in the number of influencers and creators in Kerala. Not only youtube, but people are into photography and content creation more than ever. This provides ample opportunities for people in the photography business. They can help creators, influencers, do freelancing, product photography, teach photography through youtube, etc.

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Good business ideas in Kerala

1. Coconut products

Plastic has been banned in our country and people are shifting towards more environmentally friendly products. Some are adopting paper based products, some are reusing plastic to create new things. You can start a business by creating things from coconut. 

Coconut shell and husk could be used to create many products like cups, bowls, spoons, plates, lamps, ice cream cups, mattress fiber, ropes, etc. Not to forget that coconut water, milk, oil, cream, chips, powder, skimmed milk, can also be used. So it’s like starting a whole business from just one product. 

2. Ayurveda products

Kerala is known for many ayurvedic herbs, plus the people know how to use these herbs. So it’s a great idea to start an ayurvedic oil or medicine business. You could combine this idea with starting your own spa and massage business.

3. Vermicompost

As the soil in this area is very fertile, you can start vermicomposting and sell the manure at high rates. This is a very profitable business that has come to light in recent years. 

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4. Vehicle repair

Vehicle repair and modification is a demanding business in Kerala. People have love for their cars and like to maintain them. This is a growing business in this region and you can start early in this field and create an established business in the coming years.

5. Cafe Restaurant

Cafe and restaurant business is growing in every part of the country. People love to hangout at new places and try new foods and cuisine. If you start in a proper way, you can start a cafe restaurant chain and expand in other areas as well. The main thing to care about is how to attract your customers and keep them coming to your restaurant again and again. You’ll have to focus on the ambience and feel of your restaurant. And the most important thing of course is to keep the taste great and gettin it better and better.

Online business ideas in Kerala

There are a lot of career opportunities in the online world. 

1. Blogging

A lot of people are trying their luck in the blogging world. That’s because blogging doesn’t give you income for a year or half but when it does, it starts growing exponentially. But people leave the blog before that. However, today we are not here to demotivate you, if you are a student of a working man, you could try blogging as a side business and write content daily.

It will surely give you good results if you give your time, patience and hard work. 

2. Youtube

Everyone knows about youtube, how much potential it has got. One can earn lakh to crores of rupees if he uploads interesting videos for 1-2 years consistently. Not only kids, but now whole businesses have started emerging and growing out of youtube.  Big companies are opening their youtube channel because it’s absolutely free, they are getting views, free marketing, and a chance to get another source of income as well.

The only thing necessary is that you have to be consistent, hard working and make interesting videos. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a totally free and highly profitable business idea provided you have a large user base or fans on any social media. In affiliate marketing, you have to share the link of a product online, and if someone buys from that link, you get a small commission, this commission can range from 5% to 70%. 

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is taking gigs for your skills and completing the work before the deadline. There are a lot of freelancing websites and apps on Google where you can get regular projects. It is good if you have multiple skills and can do a whole lot of things on freelancing websites. But if you don’t have skill, it is still a viable option, because you can take work from any foreign client at a high price and pass that work to a local freelancer. It is a lucrative business idea.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is creating an online product store and selling the product to customers through online marketing using google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads etc. You just have to invest your money in marketing and people will come to your website and buy the product, the order will be passed to the online wholesaler who will deliver the product in your name to the customers, you don’t have to take care of anything. 

Just getting more orders for the wholesaler. All the orders will be managed using automatic tools and plugins and you just have to get the customers to your site using creative ads and strategies. It is one of the best business ideas at present, you just need to invest 1-2 lakhs in marketing if you need a sale of 25- 30 lakh. However you can start small also.

6. Graphic designing

Graphic Designing is one of the top demanding skills at present. Graphic designing is easy to learn, uses your creative skills and a chance to earn huge through freelancing. You can get your customers by reaching them on social media or google and contacting them if they need any graphic designing service, you could team up with a digital marketing company or teach people on youtube. 


I hope that you have gathered great insight about New business ideas after lockdown in Kerala, best business ideas in Kerala from my blog.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Large scale business ideas in Kerala

Coconut products
Saree making
Hotel chain
Restaurant business
Packaged food business
Packaged water business
Export raw material

Which business is most profitable in Kerala?

Saree business
Coconut products
Rubber export
Tea, spices, cashews business
Packaged food
Ayurvedic products

What business can I start with RS 50000?

Digital marketing company
Candle making
Spices business
Thrift store

What are the top 5 small businesses to start?

Dry fruits business
Spices business
Ayurvedic products export
Tea and coffee export
Indian Cultural Products Business

What kind of business can I start in Kerala?

Clothing business
Digital marketing
Vehicle repair and maintenance
Packaged foods
Tourist guides

Manufacturing business ideas in Kerala

Ayurvedic medicines 
Coconut products
Fashion jewelry
Bamboo products
Spices business
Dry fruits business

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