How to start Dawg Business?

In today’s post, I will tell you about what is dawg business.

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you about the dawg business. Recently it has gotten much attention from the people who wish to start a business. It is easy and does not require much experience. A person will be able to earn good money and get to know about animals as well.

Scroll down till the end if you want to know about everything. Let’s dive into our topic now: The Dawg Business

What is Dawg business

Do you like dogs? Do you like taking care of them and enjoy the process? Do you find it interesting how dogs communicate with people and how they show their feelings? Are you curious about what they might be thinking? Enough with the questions. Yes you are at the right place. 

By my guess, you are a dog person and there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you through which you can learn more about dogs, spend more time with them and earn a decent amount of money doing that. 

There are many people who own dogs but they don’t have any experience on how to handle them, primarily because adopting or buying a dog doesn’t necessarily require any training for the family to have. That is why many owners are not able to understand them, their signs, their emotions, feelings especially at the time when they are angered, ill or bored. 

People own many types of dogs like Boxer, bulldog, German Shepherd, Pemarian, Pitbull, Rottweiler, etc. and every dog has different needs, different schedules and their maintenance. Some owners even have multiple dogs but forget to take them outside. They keep them in their home forever, remember dogs naturally come from wild habitats even if they were domesticated early by humans, they need to stay on ground not on beds and tiles all day long.

These all things could be taken care of if you join the dawg business and make people aware about the dogs. 

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What to do in dawg business?

In the dawg business, you are told to walk the customer’s dog and take care of them when they’re unable to do so because they are on a vacation, busy or any meeting. So people hire a person who can take care of their dog, feed them, and walk them around.

How to start a dawg business?

how to start dawg business

As you are a newbie in this industry you should begin by joining another dawg company first to get knowledge about the know-how of this business and gather all the skills required to work with the dogs and run a dawg business. I warn you beforehand that dawg business is not as simple as it seems on the outside, there are many things to be taken care of in this field, you need to be prepared beforehand, that’s why you should get as much experience before starting your own company. 

Also this business requires active work, which means it requires much physical participation, so you’ll need to get accustomed to it before joining any other dawg business company. You’ll need to get used to dogs such that you may easily be able to handle any dog that comes to you. These are some things that you’ll get to know about in the first two to three months. 

Tips for dawg business

  • Dog insurance: Once your firm/business has begun, do not delay in getting the Dawg insurance. You might wonder that it is not a suitable time for getting insurance but you never know what may happen, that’s why it’s always appreciated to prepare for the worst. You’ll get a high reputation if you have dog insurance and it will come to rescue in case something goes wrong.
  • Get your criminal history and records checked and clean, this will help the owners of the dog to put complete trust in you because you will frequently be entering their home when they are not there.
  • Focus on a particular region, do not focus on wider regions because you’ll get calls from far away and you won’t be able to manage them all. In the beginning at least you should try a narrow region.
  • Share your business. Tell your friends, family and others, get your business card printed. Share fliers which will help you a lot and your clients as well.
  • Manage the dogs efficiently, take care of them and keep them happy. This will make the owners satisfied and they’ll contact you frequently. As you get more calls you can employ more people to work with you.

Skills required for dawg business 

  1. Take a dog course: It could happen that sometimes you are not able to figure out why the dog is behaving in a certain way, at those times you would want to take a course in the dog’s behavior and body language. You can take both online or offline courses. You can get free knowledge from YouTube or Google but it is best to get a certification that’ll show credibility. 
  2. First Aid Certification: Dogs can scratch themselves if they are being careless. Usually nothing goes wrong but if something was to happen by chance then you should have proper skills to give the dog first aid. Therefore get a certification in Dog’s first aid.
  3. Dog training certification: Dog training certificate can really move clients to hire you. They’ll be satisfied with your skills and likely everyone would want you to take care of their dog in place of a person with no knowledge. Knowledge always proves helpful.

You don’t need to have all these courses but it surely increases the likelihood of you getting selected by your clients. First you should gain some experience by working with dogs in your family or friends. Gradually you can build an expert team that comprises all the skilled people and get calls from far and wide to increase your business.

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Money in a dawg business

Yes, you can earn right with the dawg business, some people may worry that it may not generate enough income to support them or some may think to resign their corporate posts and join this business. So you should collect the right information beforehand to get into this business. 

Many people have been doing this business for many years and are happy with the money they are making, so yes, you will definitely be able to make a decent amount of money. Some even start YouTube and you may have seen that dog videos collect millions of views worldwide because it needs no language, so there’s a large scope in getting income from that side too. 

Things you should consider:

  1. Be honest to yourself and the clients, do not show any kind of treachery or false certification that will not help you in getting the job. Surely it will take some time to earn money but don’t make wrong decisions for that.
  2. The first thing you need is to have more clients, experience and name. Money should come later. As you and your services get popular, you’ll get more clients and slowly you can increase your rates.
  3. Use social media to share your certifications, cases, experience, pictures and videos of dogs. This will make people know about you better and people tend to remember those whom they know better. Not only will this grow your community but also help you to earn money through social media monetization and sponsorships.
  4. Ask your customer for a price that is advantageous to you and fair to them as well.
  5. Always get extra information about the dogs before taking them. Some dogs are more aggressive while some are sluggish, every dog has a different schedule and different habits.  

Extra Tips

dawg business
  1. If you want to earn more in the dawg business, then simply move to the region which has many dogs, where the neighborhood has many pets.
  2. If your clients live nearer to you then it would be beneficial for you because you wouldn’t need to drive far away daily.
  3. You can walk multiple dogs at a time to earn more money and save time. 
  4. Although there’s no rule that you need to have certificates for your training, having them will give your clients satisfaction and they’ll naturally choose you over someone who doesn’t have certification. 
  5. If you don’t like dogs and are not able to vibe with them, then you should not do this business just by looking at the money.
  6. Managing a dog in public carefully is very important, some people like to pet their heads while some tend to run away from them. This should not make the dog aggressive or bring you into trouble.
  7. The general price for walking a dog is $40 per hour. For a longer time you can even charge $50 dollars.

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I hope that you have gathered great insight about dawg business, skills required for dawg business, from my blog.

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Today we learnt-

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  • Money in dawg business

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