How late is the closest grocery store open

Tools to find which grocery store are open-

A website called Still Open, developed by Quikr, was recently created to assist users in finding or locating the closest supermarkets. Additionally, the website lists open medical offices, and other retailers under the heading of important services. Still Open is essentially a platform for crowdsourcing that makes sure the how late is the closest grocery store open as well as website is updated frequently to provide correct information.

Quikr launched a portal at the time of demonetisation that alerted customers of the cash in the open ATMs nearby. Similar in concept, but focused on a different issue, is the Still Open platform. How to use the platform is as follows:

how to use

1.To access the platform on your PC, first launch a web browser and type into the  address bar.

2. You will be prompted by the website to enable your desktop’s location services. switch it on

3.The platform will give you the choice to donate or share the page with your friends after you enable location service. You will be prompted to modify your location, select the service you are looking for

Having a food shortage? Daily necessities are being delivered to your door via these apps.

The next step is to choose the precise service category you require. You will receive all the information you need from the platform. It also provides directions to stores and shopping areas. By using the “Update” button, you may share your opinions about the store.–

Find out the hours that nearby grocery stores are open, as well as other information, at the Grocery Stores Near Me–

Grocery shopping used to be a straightforward activity a few years ago, but the pandemic has changed everything. We have observed this repeatedly throughout the COVID-19-induced lockdown, from businesses opening with limited hours or days to going odd-even and not receiving slots in online delivery applications. It cannot be denied that many individuals have experienced supermarket anxiety as a result of these restrictions, despite the fact that they may be helpful in the fight against the fatal infection.Having said that, many apps and portals have appeared since then, allowing you to do things like order groceries online and find out how long nearby kirana stores are open. In this post, we look at a few of those online resources

How late is the closest grocery store open

What is a Grocery Store?

You can get all of your daily necessities in a grocery store, sometimes known as a “Kirana” shop in India, including food items and other household goods like soap, shampoo, and a variety of other things. The weekly (and even daily) habits of millions of individuals across the nation now cannot function without shops. You can now use BigBasket, BlinkIt, Swiggy, Big Bazaar Online, or other delivery apps to get groceries online.

How to Find a Nearby Grocery Store–

The best and most efficient tool to find the nearest grocery store to you is Google Maps.

Using a website

Launch Google Maps on a computer.

Enter the name or address of the area near which you’re looking for food stores in the search box.

Enter “grocery store” in the search field after selecting the Nearby tab.

via an app

Get Google Maps on your computer or tablet and launch it.

Enter the name or address of the area near which you’re looking for food stores in the search box.

If you can’t see it, click More and select Groceries under the Shopping section. Scroll down to the Various category option and choose Groceries.

A complete list of grocery stores in your area is provided, together with their addresses, which are displayed on a map as red mini-pins (top results) or red dots. Using the drop-down option at the bottom of the search box, you may also filter your search results by factors such as rating, distance, and more.

How to know if the nearest grocery store is open or closed

via google maps

If you want to know if any grocery stores are open or closed nearby, Google Maps is also your greatest friend. After using the prior techniques to find the search results, you will see that most stores list whether they are open right now, open 24/7, or closed under their listing. For the latter, it also indicates the time that the business is expected to open the next day. By selecting a store’s name and the Timings drop-down menu that appears, you may view its weekly hours.

By choosing the Open Now option from the Hours drop-down menu on the website or the Open Now page in the app, you can narrow your search results to show just the local stores that are currently open. can do. For extra convenience, Google Maps may also inform you how crowded a specific store is for shopping at that time of day.

How to use online applications to get food delivered to your home

Download the online delivery app to get groceries delivered to your home. To get groceries and other everyday necessities delivered to your home, there are several applications available, but these are some of the finest ones to download:

  1. Big basket
  2. Blinkit (formerly Grofers)
  3. Amazon Pantry
  4. Flipkart grocery
  5. Jiomart

Although they are fairly popular, apps like DMart Ready, Spencer’s, Nature’s Basket, and easyday do not currently offer their services throughout India. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in and enter your zip code to see if the service is offered where you are. You can place an online grocery order if the service is offered. The discounts and tempting deals, together with the membership programme for additional perks, are some of the most exciting aspects of shopping groceries online through these apps, aside from home delivery.

To combat the pandemic, several grocery businesses in India have also gone online, and many of them have established a hybrid business model to combine the advantages of both channels. You may quickly get their phone number from Google Maps online, call them, and ask them to bring your groceries to your house.

How to seek nearby, open grocery stores

It has been challenging to order groceries through conventional channels due to the rising demand and some public concern brought on by the continuous lockdown. Finding delivery slots is getting harder even though that applications like BigBasket, Grofers, Big Bazaar Online, Zomato, Swiggy, and Grofers all accept orders.

You are left with no choice except to visit the nearest grocery stores to fulfil your daily needs for necessities. You are unable to search for stores as you would normally because doing so puts you in danger. You can locate open shops online and visit them in person to make purchases.

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How to find grocery stores online?

Online consumers can find online grocery businesses using a variety of strategies. These tools also give you information on whether the goods or products you’re looking for are available.

Quikr has launched a website called Still Open to assist users in finding open grocery stores in their area. Additionally, the website lists open medical offices, COVID-19 testing facilities, and other retailers under the heading of important services.

To find stores near you, go to the website still open

Your location will be requested by the website. Permit it.

You’ll be prompted to donate or tell your friends about the page on the internet.

– You will be prompted to locate the service you require.

– Search for the item’s availability by typing.

The platform also directs customers to nearby shops and centres.

– By using the “Update” button, you may share your opinions about the store.


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