Best Business ideas in Hyderabad

In today’s post, I will tell you about the best business in Hyderabad.

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you about 23 business ideas to earn money in Hyderabad. If you learn the right skills required to run these businesses you’ll surely become rich and earn in lakhs if not crores. You may feel that you have heard about these before or some of them are just simple jobs but I have written all of them with the intent of doing business. 

Example, in the content writing business, you need not do it yourself, but start a business with people working under you as content writers for writing in websites of other businesses. Scroll down  till the end if you want to understand all the points.

 Let’s dive into our topic now: How to open a restaurant business in India.

Best Business in Hyderabad

1. Social media marketing

If you spend a lot of time on social media and you know the tricks of social media, then you can grow people’s social media and take money from them.

Social media is not just one app. Most companies and businesses or people want to increase their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., then they hire a social media marketer.

That’s why you can earn a lot of money by increasing real followers for them, doing regular posts, bringing clients from social media for them.

Or you can do it just for a friend. The rate of increasing real followers can be ₹ 200 / 100 followers.

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2. Email marketing

best business in hyderabad

In email marketing, we send emails to many people. Email marketing cannot be done through gmail, for this large softwares is needed.

Email marketing requirements-

  • Email list- It could be paid or free
  • Email address- free
  • Email software- Basic features are provided for free but extra premium features are paid

The advantage of email marketing is that its conversion rate is very high, that means if you buy this product on a blog, then only 3-4% people will buy it, but if you send the same product on email, then 15-20% people will buy it.

Zomato, swiggy benefit a lot from this method.

How to earn through Email marketing-

Sell ​​products: When the conversion rate is high then there are many benefits of selling products.

Blog, youtube link, affiliate marketing: More and more people can be reached on these.

Sales funnel: This is a type of sales technique in which people are initially told the benefits of a product through email, why their life is difficult without that product.

Then that product is sold at a low price. Gradually, more products are sold the same and people go on buying.

3. Flipkart

Everyone knows about Flipkart. This is an online retail platform and is very popular in our country.

There are two ways to earn from Flipkart-

  • Become a Flipkart seller
  • Do Flipkart affiliate marketing.

Flipkart seller: If you are a businessman and want to sell your goods on flipkart then join flipkart seller.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing:

  • Signup on a Flipkart affiliate and create a free account.
  • Fill the details and press on “Join the waiting list”.
  • In a few days you will get an email through which you can join the affiliate program.
  • After that you can share its link.

4. Amazon

  • Amazon seller: If you have a local business then you can sell your goods on amazon. Register here. In this, you will have to do the packaging and delivery yourself.
  • Amazon fulfillment: If you have a business but do not have a shop, or do not want to deliver, then join it.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Amazon affiliate marketing is the most popular in the world. But recently its commission rates have come down. Setup.
  • Amazon influencer:

It is similar to affiliate marketing. If you are an influencer, then instead of sharing the link of products from place to place, you can give a link to your amazon influencer page, where people will come and take the products themselves and you will get commission.

This can happen only if you have a lot of fans who like you and want to be like you.

  • Writer: You can sell your ebooks on amazon kindle by becoming a writer.
  • Amazon jobs-
  1. Amazon merch: Earn money by designing Hoodies, Sweatshirts.
  2. Amazon handmade: Sell your DIY products here.
  3. Mechanical turk: ​​Performing microtasks in part time like data validation, survey form, technical support etc.

5. Google Pay

There are 2 ways to earn from Google Pay.

Referral link: You can send your referral link to someone, if he downloaded google pay from your link, then on his first payment you will get Rs.25 and he will get Rs.21.

You can also send the code. My code is : 87h36n , if you fill it you will get free Rs.21 and me Rs.25.

Scratch card: Whenever you pay, your points will be made, after some points you will win a scratch card which can get up to ₹ 1000.

6. Paytm

  • Paytm seller: If a businessman is a businessman then he can sell his goods on paytm like sell on amazon. Join Paytm seller.
  • Games: Download Paytm first games app. Then transfer your money from paytm to this app or win money paytm cash by referring. Enter games with this money and earn money by playing matches.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Paytm itself does not allow affiliate marketing of its products.

That’s why we can do affiliate marketing on paytm’s products by joining other affiliate networks- cuelinks, vcommission, admitad, affoy etc.

  • Cashback: Paytm provides many ways by which we can get cashback. Like on making payment, filling oil from IndianOil petrol pump, etc. They keep getting discounts and scratch cards.
  • Ads: Download the “Slide” app. Watch ads in it and earn paytm cash. Then transfer them to paytm wallet.
  • Referral: Share your referral link to your friends and you will get referral money before their recharge.

7. E-commerce

Ecommerce means electronic shopping. So how to earn money from e-commerce?

  1. Digital products: Sell digital products that cannot be touched such as graphic designs, photographs, ebooks, online courses etc.
  2. Retail: This is normal selling like on amazon, flipkart
  3. Selling as a seller. It is not necessary that you have a shop or a business.

It should just be a good idea like a man earned crores by selling stone in the name of pet rock. A man made pool sticks by cutting foam in the shape of a stick and earning crores which is of no use.

  1. Dropshipping: Dropshipping means taking more goods from the wholesaler at a lower price and selling one by one to the customer at a higher price. All the operations are done online.

8. Telegram

There are many benefits of using Telegram. It is free, there is no limit of the telegram group in it, our data is not tracked in it, so it is safe.

You can earn money from Telegram only when there are many people in the telegram group. There are also 1.5-2 lakh people in many groups. If you share here movies, webseries, games, coupon codes etc., then only people will join your group in the number of thousands.

How to earn through Telegram-

  1. Affiliate marketing, blog link, youtube link, link shortening: When people are in thousands, then you can easily increase views on youtube, blog, sell cheap products in huge quantities in affiliate marketing, earn easily from link shortening sites can.
  2. Sell ​​ad space: Telegram is a big world inside. You must have seen, when advertisements are placed on roadside houses, they get money from the company every month, in the same way you can give place to the company/brand to place ads on telegram channels too.
  3. Account sell: Brands and businesses can give thousands or millions of rupees for a channel of Telegram if there are many people on it. So create a big account.
  4. Membership Fees: If you open a private channel and give valuable information or content to people, then you can ask them for membership fees in return.

9. Video editing

There is a lot of scope in video editing now and in the coming time. Because most of the world is now connected to social media where the effect of video editing is increasing.

We can become freelancers for anyone, start youtube, work for studios etc.

Getting started can be done with a normal camera phone and basic video editing software or apps. This is a job whose people will never be unemployed.

10. Graphic designer

best business ideas in hyderabad

Graphic designing is a very good skill. It is very easy to learn. With this you can photoshop the pics of others, create new graphics etc.

For this you need graphic designing software and stock photos membership.

  • Paid tools – adobe photoshop, illustrator, shutterstock, dreamstime etc.
  • Free tools – canva, unsplash, pexels, freepik etc.

In this, you can work as a freelancer or become a graphic designer for a company.

11. Content writer

This is the easiest way out of all the ways to earn money. There is a lot of demand for content writers in freelancing, in companies, in writing blogs etc.

For this you should know how to write a seo optimized article. This means writing articles in such a way that Google bots and people can easily understand.

The rate of content writing in India is Rs. 0.8-2 per word and in the US Rs. 2-7 per word.

12. Frontend coding

Nowadays coding has become very popular. Its ads are seen on TV everyday and it is the perfect option for future jobs.

Its demand will never end. With coding, we can create a complete website ourselves. For this one has to study day and night and learn many programming languages.

In some schools it is taught on the 10th, 11th, so those children can make a site and earn money by becoming a freelancer during their holidays.

Some people are expert in frontend coding and some in backend. From the frontend we create the look of the website and from the backend the functions of the site.

Learning frontend languages ​​is easy and there is also a demand for it. One of my knowledgeable front-end coding earns ₹ 50k a month easily.

These languages ​​are – Html, Css, Java, Javascript, python, ruby ​​etc.

13. App developer

Those who have websites also make more apps. This is very useful in businesses, they attract customers, can give direct orders and can also run offline.

The languages ​​to develop the app are-Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Php etc.

There are also some apps from which you can create your own app without coding.

How to earn money from Apps-

  • Paid app: Build Paid app, but paid apps are not very successful because only limited people can install them.
  • Premium membership: A lot of premium resources can provide a premium membership to unlock items.
  • Buy resources: People can buy items, skins, weapons etc.
  • Ads: You can place ads in apps using google admob. Keep in mind that do not show the ads again and again, due to which people get irritated and also give bad ratings.

14. Selling on Olx

You can earn money by selling your stuff on Olx.

First sell an unuseful thing, then bargain with that money and take a cheap thing and then sell it at an expensive price.

Many jobs can be found on Olx like data entry, copyrighting, content writer etc.

In these ways you can earn money from olx.

15. Sell websites

1. Some people leave blogging due to some reason and instead of wasting their year long hosting and domain money, they think of selling it.

They can sell only when they have worked hard on the blog and good traffic comes to that blog.

Selling a website means selling a domain name. While selling, people check the value of domain name, its traffic, DA, spam score.

In this way one year old blogs also get Rs. 40,000- Rs. Can be sold for 50,000. Similarly, a friend of mine worked hard day and night and sold his 1.5 year old blog for 2 lakhs.

2. Another way is to first take a domain cheap and after some time sell it expensive just like a property.

Keep in mind while buying a domain-

  • The fewer letters in it, the more its value will increase, so it is a word.
  • Do not use symbols or numbers in it.
  • It means something.
  • Have a .com behind it.

You can buy and sell it from these websites-


Some such domains which are worth crores today –,, etc.

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16. Freelancing

If you have a skill and you want to earn money from it, it is called freelancing. In this, you can sit anywhere and work, all you have to do is submit your work on time.You are your own boss.

But your skills should be good.

There are many sites where people give work online and we can earn money by completing it like graphic design, logo design, content writer, video editor, web development, digital marketing, translation, etc.

To do this, visit the site, create your profile, keep the price low in the beginning and always do quality work. Indians anyway get a lot of work because people work here cheaply as compared to foreign countries.

Some freelancing sites are-

  • Upwork
  • freelancer
  • People per hour
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • Fiverr

17. Dropshipping

Dropshipping means taking a lot of goods cheaply from a wholesaler and selling them one by one at a high price. This whole process happens online.

  • First of all you have to do a little research of season, place, age, trend etc. and know what people will buy next.
  • Then that goods have to be taken in bulk and cheaply from the online wholesaler. You will find it on shopify, alibaba etc.
  • Then you have to sell goods to people from your online store or seller account by adding your profit.
  • All the orders from your website will be transferred automatically to the wholesaler with the help of some tools. You don’t have to manage the delivery system, cancellation, refunds etc.

Many people order festivals in India and we have the largest number of festivals in our country. That’s why dropshipping is a good idea. Also, there is a lot of scope for high income in it.

Recently a graduate from the US bought a lamborghini by selling a mattress in 3 months.

18. Share market

business ideas in hyderabad

Share market has recently become quite popular in India after the 1992 scam web series.

Investing money in the share market is considered a high risk high money option. There is a lot of potential in this but it is for those who know how to be patient.

For this, you have to fill in your bank account number, PAN and personal details.

Then your trading account is ready and you can buy and sell shares.

A simple trick of the stock market is to sell shares when the graph goes up and buy shares when the graph goes down.

19. Online store

To start an online store, you have to create an e-commerce blog with the help of WordPress.

An e-commerce store needs a lot of features and storage, so it can be more expensive than a normal blog.

You can sell your business products directly to people because they also have to pay a little commission on selling on amazon, flipkart.

For this you will need strong marketing so that many customers come to you. Along with this, you will also have to keep your contact with the delivery service.

20. Sell photos

Create and sell professional photos using a good camera and editing software.

You can sell these photos on instagram pages, facebook groups, shutterstock, alamy, dreamstime etc.

You will have to pay whoever wants to use your images.

But for this you have to make your photos capable that no one else can make them easily.

21. Ebay

The business model of eBay is similar to Olx. But it is quite popular at the international level.

With this, you can take goods cheap and sell them for expensive. In this way I got inspired a lot from my friend who took a camera for Rs.5k then sold it expensive and took another camera. By doing this he reached Rs.40k in 6 months.

There are two ways to sell it-

  1. Fix price: Sell only at a fixed price, neither less nor more.
  2. Auction: Auction your items, sell them to the one who made the highest bid.

22. Tutor

new business ideas in hyderabad

Now at least 2 tutions are seen in every street. If you make arrangements at your home, then the investment is more.

But if you go to the house of others and become a private tutor, then the income is also high and the investment is also less.

If you are of young age then of course children will come to you only when you yourself are fast in studies but if you are an adult then teaching young children is not a difficult task.

23. Referral programs

Referral programs are those in which a link of an app/site is referred to a friend or relative and you get money after completing their first payment/registration/task.

In some cases they also get some money.

You can earn referral money from these apps/sites-

Google Pay, Paytm, Winmts, Uber, Airbnb, Shopify, Meesho etc.


I hope that you have understood the best business ideas in Hyderabad, best business in hyderabad. 

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Today we learnt-

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  • Best business ideas in hyderabad
  • Business ideas in hyderabad
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  • Small business ideas in hyderabad

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments box below and I will respond as soon as possible.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which business is best in Hyderabad

Best business in Hyderabad-
1. Social media marketing
2. Email marketing
3. Flipkart
4. Amazon
5. Google Pay
6. Paytm
7. E-commerce
8. Telegram
9. Video editing
10. Graphic designer

Which business is best in Hyderabad with low investment

Some of the best business with low investment-
1. Content writer
2. Frontend coding
3. App developer
4. Selling on Olx
5. Sell websites
6. Freelancing
7. Dropshipping
8. Share market
9. Online store
10. Sell photos
11. Ebay
12. Tutor

Top 5 business in Hyderabad

Top 5 best business in Hyderabad-
1. Tutor
2. Content writing
3. App development
4. Social media marketing
5. Drop shipping

Best business to start in Hyderabad with 10 lakhs

Best business to start in Hyderabad with 10 lakhs-
1. Digital marketing company
2. Tutor
3. Fast food corner
4. Vertical farming
5. Organic farming
6. Resell items
7. Flip websites

Best business in Hyderabad after lockdown

Best business in Hyderabad after lockdown-
1. Vertical farming
2. Healthy food
3. Organic manure
4. Electric charging station
5. Video editing software

Best business in Hyderabad 2022

Best business in Hyderabad 2022-
1. Organic Farming
2. Rent land
3. Social media influencer
4. Fast food corner
5. Gaming, VR gaming

Best business to start in Hyderabad with 20 lakhs

Best business to start in Hyderabad with 20 lakhs-
1. Fast food corner
2. Fish business
3. Organic farming
4. Vertical farming
5. Car rental business
6. Photography
7. Real estate agency
8. Poultry farm

Best franchise business in Hyderabad with low investment

Best franchise business to start in Hyderabad with low income-
1. Dominos
2. Dr. Batra’s Clinic
3. KFC
4. MBA chai wala
5. Lenskart
6. Jockey India
7. Chai sutta bar
8. Cafe CoffeeDay
9. La Pinoz Pizza
10. Pizza Hut
11. Baskin Robbins
12. Subway
13. Bikanervala
14. Taco Bell

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